While the majority of America shuttered and sheltered in place, pockets of our workforce – namely those ever essential food service employees – shined.

It is with pride and the sincerest gratitude that Nutrition Management Services Company nominates their own Ms. Veronica Thompson who has served in one of their clients Bronx, New York locations serving individuals with developmental disabilities for the Food Management “Food Service Hero Award”.

As she has most days over her eight years as Lead Cook, Veronica not only exemplified her commitment to the communities she serves, but more so she showed unwavering courage and genuine care to the residents she provides three meals a day.

True to most hero’s’ attributes, Veronica faced not only the daunting realities we all felt from the pandemic: a modified workflow, increased personal and food safety protocol, and strains to a changed food supply chain, but she also overcame another reality: contagion exposure. In the complex consisting of three separate homes, Veronica’s continued dedication to continue cooking, even amid an outbreak in one of the home, was truly an act many would have avoided. As residents and staff tested positive for the virus, Veronica continued to set out at 5am each morning, leaving behind family and taking mass transit. When a fellow lead fell ill in a property within their community, Veronica doubled her responsibilities and continued preparing wholesome meals for both her the home and another. Her dedication, agility and ability to go above and beyond in a time when fear could have been debilitating was as courageous as it is admirable.

Though star employees throughout the NMSC organization went above and beyond their normal duties to service clients while working in the epicenter of the pandemic, Veronica’s ability to remain positive, calm and genuine during these last months sets her apart from the rest as a true Food Service Hero.

Thank you to all of the front-line staff that works each day to ensure those in most need of care continue to receive nourishing meals, but a special thank you to Veronica for being an inspiration and example to all she encounters.