In March of 1979 Joseph Roberts saw a need for improved dining services in the healthcare setting and set out to create a company that elevated the quality of meals, the fiscal strain on kitchens and the standardization of day-to-day processes with what we all know today as Nutrition Management Services Company.

It was with much honor and appreciation that on March 28th of 2019 NMSC gathered together a group of staff, clients, and friends of the company, both past and current. The celebration was held at Congress Hall in Cape May, NJ and was set as the scene to value the previous four decades and renew the commitment to the future of the company and more importantly, the current and future clients, residents and families it feeds daily.

When asked what this milestone meant to him, Mr. Roberts simply said, “I created this company to feed the sick and the elderly. At the time, nursing homes meals were an after-thought. Together with Kate Hill, our registered dietitian, we set out to make food something to be enjoyed and improve the health of residents and patients.” Simply put, it’s apparent that NMSC can attribute its success to the constant commitment to treat every client and resident like they’re the only one.

It was with that attitude that the Company grew quickly from the original three employees and soon Mr. Roberts’ search for a proper office space brought him to a two centuries stone barn in Kimberton, PA. Over the last four decades, NMSC has made its home inside this Pennsylvania village and though the company now has business nationwide, Kimberton will always be the corporate headquarters.

The company would like to thank all that have made Nutrition Management Services Company the business it is today. All at NMSC are looking forward to the next 40 years!