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Essential Food Safety

The main goal of our food safety program is to meet or exceed federal, state and local food safety regulations. By identifying areas of improvement in food safety and sanitation processes and providing methods to improve procedures or employee behaviors, we can minimize risk and liability. You benefit because we work to meet your unique needs, provide applicable solutions and develop a partnership that maintains the highest level of food safety and sanitation.

Patient and resident health and wellness has always been our top priority. Protecting them from food borne illness also protects your operation’s reputation and business. Simply put, our food quality programs exceed the requirements of all current regulatory agencies.


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The Natural Advantage-Sustainability Program

The Natural Advantage-Sustainability Program was designed to meet the challenges of health risk reduction through lifestyle change. As a food services organization, Nutrition Management Services Company is in a unique position to help effect healthy lifestyle changes through improved nutrition and nutritional choices. Providing healthy menu options encourages resident participation and improves overall wellness.

With the introduction of healthy ingredients and methods of preparation, we have transformed unsatisfying dining into robust enjoyable dining experiences. A driving force behind this initiative has been the use of farm fresh produce. Wherever practical and available, we procure food from local growers and producers. We will continue to explore and establish practices that benefit our environment, our local communities and most importantly the residents and patients for whom we serve.